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You had a strong feeling that you found your soul mate and dream of spending the rest of your life with him. But some things changed and the two of you decided to call it quits. You’re possibly thinking about rekindling your love. But before you initiate contact, here are some things to consider.

When is winning your ex back a wise idea?

It is crucial to stop and think about why you want him back in your life. Are you just sick of singlehood or do you still harbor feelings for him? Do you merely want him back because you couldn't deal with the fact that he doesn't love you? Be true to yourself. If you simply hate attending parties or events alone, you’re more likely just looking for a quick fix for loneliness. But if you can't seem to stop thinking about him, then your heart is probably in the correct place. While giving your love a second or third chance is ultimately your decision and his, your friends can offer helpful opinions. If your peers are still rooting for him, perhaps you should, too.

Strive to figure out why you went separate ways. Attempt to think back on the relationship you had with him before you decide to get back with him. Did it end simply because of bad timing or was being away from each other a reason why you separated. Was your relationship healthy? Did he physically hurt you before? Don’t romanticize your relationship by only considering the happy times you had together. If he was manipulative before, getting back together with you may be his way of getting the upper hand again. Check out more suggestions on break up with someone you love.

One sign that getting back together may be a wise course of action is if you can articulate what your old problems were to him and him to you. If you're unable to discuss these problems easily, then getting back with him for the second or third time around may not be in your best interest.

Getting him back

If you want to win him back, you should be the person he fell in love with in the beginning. He felt attracted to you because he felt great anytime he was with you and you were fulfilling his emotional needs. If you’ve developed bad traits during your relationship, say you became demanding, try to first unlearn that. To know more about breaking up with someone you still love and to how to deal with a breakup with a smile, tap here.

Reach out to him. Casually invite him to do a thing that's non-committal. If possible, do this personally. Make your initial meeting casual and fun and try not to go over the details of your breakout. Ask him how he is. This is a non-threatening way to initiate a conversation.